Orange County Termite Removal

Pest Control of Orange County offers quality, reliable and effective termite control and removal solutions for homes and businesses throughout the area. There are many of different types of termites that exist in the Orange County area. Each kind of termite poses a different kind of hazard to a building, depending upon the type of wood it eats on or where they have congregated.


Each kind of termite will attack your house in a different way. The type of termite will help us identify which treatment will be ideal. If you have discovered evidence of termites or you suspect them, just call our Orange County termite control experts at 949-954-5665 today!



Termites can significantly destroy your structure. Let us help with superior termite inspections!

Reliable Orange County Termite Removal

The most common types of termites in Orange County are:


  • Formosan Termites
  • Subterranean Termites
  • Drywood Termites


The most common types of termites in Orange County are subterranean termites, Formosan termites, and Drywood termites. Our local pest specialists will determine which type of termites have invaded your property when they examine your house.


How to Detect Termites

Not all termite cases are detected by a home owner and rather during a routine termite inspection by a professional. However, if you notice what appear to be feces of termites (thin tiny lines) you might have a reason to be concerned.


If you notice this type of fecal matter in your by food then you should contact us right away. The second most frequent method that people locate termites in their property is from the mud tubes termites create.


Expert Termite Control & Inspections for Orange County

We encourage you to phone us to learn more about our routine termite inspections and to schedule one if needed. If you have already started noticing evidence of termites then call our Orange County termite control professionals right away at 949-954-5665 right now to get rid of your problem!


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