Orange County Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the pests that nobody really wants to have or experience but should they invade your property, we are here to help. Our Orange County bed bug exterminators have been handling a lot of calls recently for this little, hard-to-treat pest. We utilize the latest and greatest of solutions to effectively combat these horrible pests.


Immediate Bed Bug Extermination


These particular pests need to be treated immediately for successful removal.

Unfortunately, unlike ants, you can’t just ignore bed bugs. After this particular pest is in your home, it won’t go away until a Orange County bed bug control professional removes them. While we cannot pinpoint where they are coming from in our area lately, we can definitely help you treat them so you can get back to a bed bug-free home once and for all.


Bed bugs suck the blood of humans, typically as they sleep. They use a small part of their tongue to pierce your skin and their saliva features a numbing agent and is why many people don’t realize they’re getting bit at the time. They will continue feeding on you anywhere from five to ten minutes before retreating to go hide once again.


Bed Bug Control for Orange County

If you are unsure if you have these pests, our experts can come to your property to perform an inspection. An inspection is sometimes required in order to determine that bed bugs are in fact the pest causing the problem. If you are simply noticing that you’re getting bit during the night, this could be another pest, however you can’t rule out bed bugs until you pinpoint the actual pest biting you.


Bed bugs are great at hiding so not everyone will be successful in performing their own inspection. Our experts, however, have the experience and training to look in all the nooks and crannies where bed bugs typically hide out. They can quickly infest a room so it’s not just your bed that is at risk of being taken over by these little bugs.


Our Orange County bed bug control professionals are willing to answer any question about bed bugs you have. We provide some of the most effective bed bugs solutions in Trabuco Canyon and surrounding areas, so call Pest Control of Orange County at 949-954-5665 today for effective relief from unwanted pests.


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