Orange County Spider Removal

If you have been noticing spiders more on your property lately you aren’t the only one. Many Orange County residents have been calling us regarding spraying for spiders and we’re ready to help you too. The majority of spiders are harmless that are often found indoors but we understand your desire to have them removed nonetheless.

orange county spiders

We can help with the spiders coming inside your property for shelter – just give us a call!

House spiders are great at eating the smaller insects that have found their way inside your property already and for that, we can thank them. Unfortunately, just the sight of one of these creepy crawlies is too much for many to be comfortable enough to allow them to stay. We can treat to eliminate the food supply of the spiders as well as the spiders themselves.

If you or a family member has seen one of the area’s poisonous spiders, then you’ll want one of our Orange County spider specialists to come to your home immediately. In California the only venomous spider you might come in contact with is the black widow.

Orange County Black Widow Removal & Extermination

You’ve likely seen a video or picture of a black widow before. There are three different widow species found in Orange County, California and the surrounding areas. These are the western black widow, the northern black widow, and the brown widow. We’ve found Orange County black widows in houses, barns, basements, sheds and woodpiles.

You should give our spider specialists a call regardless if you find a poisonous or harmless spider.  Our experts can safely treat and manage the spiders on your property and also any outbuildings you need treated. These are inviting habitats for many spider species during the colder months.

Call Your #1 Orange County Spider Exterminators

Give us a call regardless of what kind of spider you need your property treated for.  You can count on us to eliminate the present spiders hanging around in addition to adding protection from future ones. Just give us a call today at 949-954-5665 and we’ll send out our Orange County spider experts.


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