Bee and Wasp Removal

If you have lived in Orange County for any period of time, you are probably no stranger to our bees and wasps. If you require the help of a professional bee or wasp specialist, we’re ready to help. Pest Control of Orange County has bee removal specialists who look forward to protecting your property, family, pets, or customers from stinging insects. We provide superior Orange County bee control services for both homes and businesses.


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We are able to help with:

  • killer (Africanized) bees
  • yellow jackets
  • honeybees
  • wasps
  • hornets

Quality Orange County Bee & Stinging Insect Control

Our Orange County bee removal experts will locate and identify the bees. Then they can begin the removal process of the stinging pests and their nest or hive. If you leave the structure behind they could likely return and cause chaos once again. Once the nest and bees are removed we start cleaning up any debris left behind. This includes removing beehives from roofs, attics, fireplaces, and anywhere else the bees might have left their mark.

Bees are usually not aggressive unless they are confronted. If you see or come upon a bee nest or even a swarm of them, avoid them at all costs. We do not advise trying to control them using an over the counter spray or similar product. This could easily aggravate the bees and cause them to become aggressive which will likely result in a lot of bee stings for anyone nearby. You can avoid this simply by calling an Orange County bee professional right away to come out and handle it for you.

When our technician comes to your residence to handle a bee problem, we ensure the home or property is completely closed up. If you have an open window or door you risk bees going inside when we begin treatment. Safety is our #1 concern when handling stinging insects.

Do not be deceived by the bee and wasp insecticides available in shops. You can expect to have temporary results, if any at all, and could further irritate the bees or enhance the problem altogether. When it comes to bees we can’t stress enough how important it is to let a professional bee control technician handle it.


Superior Bee Removal in Orange County

Our Orange County bee removal specialists take it upon themselves to keep your household safe from the threat of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. Chances are, if you have seen numerous bees around your home or office, then you most probably have got a bee swarm or bee nest in the area.

If bees take up residence in part of your structure, (wall, attic, fireplace, etc.) then you’ll want to get in touch with an Orange County bee removal specialist quickly to make sure that you limit the damage to your structure. Don’t worry, do not have to pay any sort of inspection fee.

Just give us a detailed description over the phone in regards to the location and size of the hive, and we can give you an estimate. We offer flat rates and guarantees on our bee removal services, so you know we’ll do it properly and you’ll know exactly how much it will cost. Give us a call at 949-954-5665 right now to see how we are able to assist you.


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